Day #55 (Sat., Feb. 27, 2010) – Michigan J. Frog

The earthquake in Chile has been on the news all day today. There was supposed to be a huge tsunami hitting Hawaii, but it did not materialize as they had planned.

2010-02-27 - Canadian Geese
2010-02-27 - Canadian Geese

Another stroll around the neighborhood for little Katie and her parents this afternoon. The ducks were all swimming towards us looking for a handout. Plenty of Canadian Geese roaming about. Won’t be long before we will have to keep little Katie from chasing after them.

My wife and I had another Skype session with my mother this afternoon. She noticed that little Katie seems much more alert and aware as she gets older.

7:00pm and I am on “baby sitting” duty. I just got up from a nap after I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. Little Katie is resting comfortably in the “bouncy seat” on my bed, and my wife has gone to the other room to get some rest. Sometimes little Katie will not rest, and it can be very challenging on my wife and I. At times it is possible to “tag team”, and either my wife or I can keep our eye on her while the other one sleeps.

7:50pm – I just sneezed and poor little Katie went into a full body convulsion. Sorry little Katie. She didn’t wake up, which is good… She is wearing a yellow onesie with flowers on it, and a bright green bib. Glad the fashion police aren’t around…

9:25pm – My wife just woke up. Little Katie is still sleeping.

10:30pm – Little Katie likes to be on her back while I move her legs up and down and all around. I sing her “Hello My Baby” by Michigan J. Frog, and she loves it!

1) Be careful sneezing around little Katie.
2) She loves “Hello My Baby” by Michigan J. Frog