Day #57 (Mon., Mar. 1, 2010) – The Baby “Harness”

Little Katie was a fussy little baby this morning. She would not seem to calm down no matter what we tried. Changing (I don’t know how many times), feeding (I lost count), and all sorts of play time.

2010-03-01 - Baby Harness
2010-03-01 - Baby Harness

Since nothing seemed to calm her down we decided that we would take her for a walk around the neighborhood. My wife thought that she would use the “harness” and little Katie just loved it. She had her tongue stuck out for a bit of the time, but soon fell asleep. She seemed fascinated with all the surroundings. Perhaps it was the sensory overload that finally did her in.

My wife and I decided that we would go out for lunch today, and we used the 2-1 Entertainment Coupon to help cover the cost. TGI Friday’s has a great special…$12.99 for appetizer, lunch, and dessert. With the 2-1 coupon the whole bill (with tip) came to under $20. Quite the deal. Little Katie was well behaved…she slept through the whole lunch.

Little Katie is sleeping on the bouncy chair on the bed. She had been here for about 3 hours now. My wife is sleeping in the other room…she’s exhausted and I’m sure she will love the rest. So, I’m baby sitting right now…working on my web sites and watching a bit of tv.

1) The “harness” works great.