Day #59 (Wed., Mar. 3, 2010) – Katie’s New BFF

Little Katie has finally found another friend…one that rivals her original BFF (i.e.: Best Friend Forever)…the adjustable lamp…

2010-03-03 - New BFF
2010-03-03 - New BFF

Who or what is her new friend? Herself. My wife put the mirror that we highlighted in a previous post directly in front of her in the bouncy seat (see picture on the right)… She sees a reflection of herself in the mirror and is just “sooooo” excited. She kicks the mirrow with her little legs, and doesn’t realize that this is why the person in the mirror is moving. She has conversations with the person in the mirror. My wife and I love this setup more than she does…we can get some rest….

We have an “Energizer Bunny” on our hands. Little Katie just keeps on going and going and never gets tired. She didn’t sleep this afternoon and she is still up…eyes open, examining the world…

I was exhausted so I went to the other room to sleep. When I woke up I got the following two emails from my wife:

10:24pm – It’s 10:22 PM and Energizer Bunny is still up and happily looking around!!! Mommy Rabbit is ready to collapse. :)))

11:11pm – Puppy’s out!

1) Little Katie’s new BFF is “herself”…in actuality the mirror that we position in front of the bouncy seat.