Day #61 (Fri., Mar. 5, 2010) – Mother’s Hair

Little Katie has not been herself since the trip to the doctor. She seems more fussy and sometimes it takes a lot to calm her down. What can you expect when someone you hardly know sticks you with needles?

2010-03-05 - Chicken Salad
2010-03-05 - Chicken Salad

My wife was taking little Katie to the changing table and she grabbed a hold of my wife’s hair. She’s learned a new trick. My wife said that it hurt.

I have noticed that little Katie seems to be getting a much stronger grip. This along with those “killer kicks” and she is going to be a little dynamo one day.

Homemade chicken salad for dinner tonight (see photo on the left).

Boy did little Katie ever #2 up a storm this evening. It required a bath. Call in the hazardous waste team!

Little Katie fell asleep early this evening in the bouncy seat After a while we transferred her to the bassinet. If she is far enough into her sleep pattern she will sleep soundly, but if she is not she will wake up and cry to be with us.

1) Little Katie has found her mother’s hair!