Day #62 (Sat., Mar. 6, 2010) – 12 Hours and Counting?

Little Katie might still be suffering from the effects of the immunization shots. She seems to be fussy at times. For example, today, she was not nursing at the right angle, and the screaming she let out rattled the floorboards.

2010-03-06 - Little Pink Booties
2010-03-06 - Little Pink Booties

I noticed that little Katie’s hair is getting longer by the day. Nice to see some hair growing in.

Do you like Katie’s little pink booties? (picture on the left).

Another stroll around the neighborhood this afternoon. We picked up the mail on the way home and little Katie’s Social Security Number came in the mail.

This afternoon we did a couple of Skype Sessions. First with my mother, then with my wife’s mother.

11:51pm – My wife and I have been trying to put little Katie to bed since noon, so we are almost at the 12 hour point. She has slept for tiny naps (one for 30 minutes), but not the long, deep sleep that the three of us all need. We are not sure why she won’t sleep, but here are three possibilities:

1) She is still suffering from the “sting” of the inoculation needles and needs comforting (be with us).

2) My wife had some chocolate for lunch…perhaps the caffeine is giving little Katie a boost of energy.

3) She might find the television too exciting…so exciting that she can’t fall asleep. (TV is off now…let’s see if that works).

1) Little Katie has more energy than we do…