Day #65 (Tue., Mar. 9, 2010) – Baby Swing

Little Katie is still going through diapers like they are going out of style. It’s hard to imagine how she generates all that water, but she does… She sure let’s you know when she is wet!

2010-03-09 - Baby Swing
2010-03-09 - Baby Swing

My wife took little Katie out on the patio this afternoon. She says that the fresh air is good for her. Here is a picture of the swing that she was sitting in. She draped a mosquito net over her to keep the bugs off. When I came home little Katie was sleeping soundly, so I think she really enjoyed it. She apparently slept there for 3.5 hours.

Let’s talk a little bit about the baby swing. The curved seat mimics the way that mom cradles the baby, and the one-hand, four-position recline lets you adjust the baby’s seating position (and thereby the view). While the baby is swinging away they can enjoy 10 classical melodies and nature sounds to soothe and amuse them. Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

It also has a mobile of little clowns (my wife put them there). Apparently babies at this age like blacks, whites, and reds, and this mobile is full of them.

Little Katie is having her supper now. Let’s hope that she is going to have a nice long blissful sleep this evening. This will mean that my wife and I will as well.

1) Little Katie loves the balcony!