Day #66 (Wed., Mar. 10, 2010) – Toy Cow

4:30am – Little Katie is up and running after about 6 hours of sleep. I changed her and she was fidgeting the whole time…with her eyes closed mind you. Her attitude was “quick, quick…I’m starving”. When I was done I took her to the “milk truck” and the look of glee on her face was noticeable. As I handed her off she “squealed” with delight.

2010-03-10 - Toy Cow
2010-03-10 - Toy Cow

8:00pm – My wife is playing with little Katie right now. She is utilizing the cow toy that is shown in the picture to the right. If you “scrunch” up the body portion it almost becomes a hand puppet, and little Katie just loves it. Katie has this look of wonderment on her face…kind of like what is that.

I notice that little Katie is becoming much more inquisitive about the world around her. Instead of just looking for movement and color and shapes, it seems that she is much more into the “why’s” of how it all fits together. For instance, when you talk to her, it’s like she is trying to talk back. She seems to examine every pore of your face and she struggles to make sense of this wonderful world which she finds herself in. Things were so much more simpler in the womb. Everything was dark and there were no images or shapes or faces to try to examine and make sense of. Good on ya Katie…welcome to the new world!

8:24pm – Right now little Katie is lying on her back and looking up at the toys (such as the Smiley Flower Rattle) that circle above her. She is squealing with delight and her little arms and legs are moving all over the place. Guess she is wondering why they don’t talk back to her like my wife and I do?

My wife just made a comment. All the toys for little Katie have “yellow” in them. Perhaps someone did a study and discovered that “yellow” is good for them?

1) Little Katie is becoming much more inquisitive.