Day #72 (Tue., Mar. 16, 2010) – Baby PlayMat

This was a tough night. It seems that little Katie wants to be with her mother, and whenever my wife tries to put her to bed, she’s up again. Once little Katie goes to bed though…that’s usually it.

2010-03-16 - Baby PlayMat
2010-03-16 - Baby PlayMat

Once little Katie goes to bed though, she usually sleeps quite long. For example, tonight she slept from 12:10am – 7:20am. That’s quite remarkable for such a young baby. Usually they are up more frequently looking for food.

Little Katie spends a lot of time on the Baby PlayMat (shown in the picture to the right). Sometimes she gets so excited about the toys floating overheard that she lets out a squeal. We interchange the toys from time to time so there is always something new for her to look at.

We have the rocking chair and ottoman in our bedroom, but we don’t really use it that much. I put the ottoman in the baby’s room so that we can move around our bedroom better. When I get the chance the rocker will go there as well.

Usually little Katie sleeps soundly in the swing out in the living room. I guess that my wife and I were making too much noise in the kitchen tonight. When I glanced over at her she had her eyes wide open. She was up soon afterwards.

It’s getting hard to change little Katie now. She squirms and those little arms and legs are just a moving…

1) Little Katie wants to be with her mother.
2) It’s getting harder to change little Katie.