Day #79 (Tue., Mar. 23, 2010) – Missed Stroll

I was busy all day and evening today so I didn’t get the chance to take little Katie out on her stroll. She seemed to really have missed it. When I got home she was fussing and it got so unbearable that we decided we had better take her for a drive. Sooo….

2010-03-23 - Spring Is Here
2010-03-23 - Spring Is Here

My wife and I took little Katie for another drive around the neighborhood. It took quite a while for her to calm down, but she eventually did, and soon fell asleep. About an hour later we ended up back home, and little Katie was there with “wide eyes” ready to face the evening.

Spring is here. Take a look at the lovely flowers in the photo to the right.

9:30pm and little Katie is wide awake ready to face the evening. She really likes it when I sing to her. She looks up and me and “cooos”. Trying to figure out all this stuff that daddy is singing to her I suppose.

10:10pm – Little Katie just had a #2. She hadn’t had one in about 24 hours, so perhaps this is what was causing her so much discomfort. Thank heavens for small wonders!

1) Little Katie loves to be sung to.