Day #81 (Thu., Mar. 25, 2010) – Reading A Book?

Little Katie is playing on her playmat this morning. She is batting the toys that circle overhead all over the place. She sure puts quite the “punch” into it…a full body blow. I notice that she grabs onto the toys and holds them when she gets them.

2010-03-25 - Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym
2010-03-25 - Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym

She is also sticking her tongue out more. What’s up with that?

Today little Katie played with her new toy, the “Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym”. There is a photo of it on the left. The child is basically placed on their tummy on the holder in the center of the mat (kind of like a lazy susan), and she can spin around via her feet to see all the various items beneath them. Little Katie is too young to use her feet to provide propulsion just yet, but we can do that for her.

Little Katie was on my wife’s lap and looking intently as my wife changed the pages of a book (i.e.: “The Rabbit And His Friends”). This was the first time that she really seemed interested on what was on the page. Won’t be long before she is reading…

10:05pm and we just measured little Katie. She is now 60 cm long…about 24 inches.

1) Little Katie started “reading” (or at least looking intently at a book) today…
2) Little Katie is 60cm, or about 24 inches long.