Day #82 (Fri., Mar. 26, 2010) – The Calm Down Song

We took little Katie out in the car today and she started to act up. I started to sing the “Chipy-Chipy Chimpunk” song and she calmed down and went right to sleep. Note to self…

2010-03-26 - Coffee Cake
2010-03-26 - Coffee Cake

My wife went to another baby sale today. This time she got a big bag of toys for about $20. You can sure save a lot of money on these sales. A simple wash and dry and the toys are just like new.

Little Katie went for another harness ride today. It was harder on my back today…not sure why…perhaps she is getting heavier. My wife and I took past the preschool across the road. Maybe little Katie will be going there one day?

I made a huge baking dish of blueberry coffee cake this evening (photo to the left). We will be able to freeze a lot of it and eat it for later. Making such a huge dish cuts down on time and electricity to run the oven as well. Who has free time with a new baby? Better to save every minute you can.

We managed to avoid taking little Katie for a drive this evening. She was fussy, but after several hours of “gymnastics” on our part she managed to calm down and go to bed.

1) Little Katie will calm down if you sing her the “Chipy-Chipy Chipmunk” song.