Day #86 (Tue., Mar. 30, 2010) – Easter Cards

Another harness ride for little Katie around the neighborhood today. She really enjoys it, but I think all the excitement was a bit too much for her today…she fell asleep.

2010-03-30 - Easter Cards for Katie
2010-03-30 - Easter Cards for Katie

My wife and I went out for dinner this evening with little Katie in tow. This was the first time she really didn’t behave herself. We should have known better when we buckled her into her car seat and she was “eyes wide open” (hard to believe she was sleeping soundly in the harness only a few minutes earlier). When we got to the restaurant she started to fuss and cry. She was fine after we took her out of the car seat and sat her on the table…she could look all around at the sights and sounds. The restaurant had a “Beatles flare”, and little Katie enjoyed looking at all the 60’s album covers and such on the walls. Who knows…she might be a raging Beatles fan.

After eating out we drove around the neighborhood. Little Katie was fussing again, but I sang a bit of the Chipmunk song, and she was soon asleep…

Little Katie got Easter Cards in the mail today from my mother and sister and brother-in-law. This is her first Easter! My wife and I talked about how in a few years we will be dying Easter eggs or going on Easter egg hunts with her. I can just see little Katie digging into one of those chocolate bunnies now…

1:50am – I just got back from taking little Katie on a 30 minute drive around the neighborhood. He was fussy all evening, but as soon as we put her in the car seat she calmed down. As soon as she was in the car she fell asleep.

1) Little Katie is a raging Beatles fan?
2) My secret weapon…the Chipmunk song.