Day #87 (Wed., Mar. 31, 2010) – Little Katie’s First Doll

Little Katie was good all morning, but when we decided to go out to lunch she started to act up. Luckily she fell asleep in the restaurant…we were able to enjoy our lunch without a problem.

2010-03-31 - Baby Doll
2010-03-31 - Baby Doll

A friend came over to see little Katie this afternoon. My wife took her on a walk around the lake with little Katie in her familiar harness. She brought little Katie some presents. They were:

1) A lifelike baby doll. This little Katie’s first doll…it’s almost as big as she is (photo on the left).
2) A stuffed teddy bear.
3) A book about infant massage.

I made some homemade banana raisin cookies this evening. I didn’t have a recipe so I just threw in whatever looked like it might make a cookie… 🙂 Such as:

1) 2 bananas
2) Raisin bran cereal
3) Milk
4) Brown sugar
5) TJ Multi-Grain Baking Mix

They turned out pretty good!

1) Little Katie got her first doll today.