Day #88 (Thu., Apr. 1, 2010) – Baby Crib

This is little Katie’s first April Fool’s Day.

2010-04-01 - Baby Book
2010-04-01 - Baby Book

I was reading a book to little Katie this morning (photo to the right). Usually she seems more interested in looking into your eyes, but today she was very interested in looking at the book as you turned the pages. Won’t be long before she is reading.

Another trip around the lake for little Katie this evening. She weighed in at 15lbs 9.5oz so I”m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to carry her around in the harness. She is getting heavy!

Little Katie slept in her crib today for the first time…for about an hour total. When we went to check on her she was in “eyes wide open” mode…admiring the mobile that was circling overhead.

Today was her last #2 diaper, so we have definitely moved into the #3 size now!

10:15pm and we just got back from another drive around the neighborhood. Little Katie was fussy and soon fell asleep in the back of the car (with a little coaching via the “Chippy-Chippy Chipmunk” song mind you). I stopped off for a coffee at McDonalds before we got too far, and videoed us singing her the song as we drove up to the drive through. Not sure what the guy at the take out window thought of us?

11:10pm and my wife is folding the laundry. Little Katie is fascinated with the process and is staring right at her. Won’t be long before she will be helping mommy out! Kind of reminds me of the day I wanted to help dad mow the lawn. Little did I know at the time it would be my job one day!

1) Little Katie loves the mobile over her crib.
2) Little Katie is fascinated with the laundry folding process.