Day #90 (Sat., Apr. 3, 2010) – Baby Hat

10:30am – Little Katie was lying on the bed and cooing and smiling when she started to “smack her lips”. This give a very audible “popping” sound. The first time she has ever done that.

2010-04-03 - Baby's New Hat
2010-04-03 - Baby's New Hat

Yesterday I mentioned that I purchased a hat from Target for little Katie. The photo on the left shows the hat. My wife wanted to get one that was made from cotton for the hot summer months. This one is good for “infants” and “toddlers”, but it’s actually a bit too big for little Katie right now. She will grow into it of course, but my wife thinks that she will “take it in” a bit til she does.

We did another Skype session with my mother this afternoon. My sister was there so she got to see little Katie as well. Little Katie was fascinated with the video camera and acted up quite a bit. It’s funny…babies seem to really like to make toys out of what adults do not consider toys. She was grabbing for the video camera cord and I had to make sure that she didn’t eat it.

Little Katie was fussy again this evening so my wife and I took her for a car ride around the neighborhood. We ended up driving around and looking at houses. We were thinking what size house we should get, and what neighborhood would be the best to raise kids.

1) Little Katie loves the video camera!