Day #95 (Thu., Apr. 8, 2010) – Home Sweet Home

My wife brought little Katie to me this morning and as soon as she saw me she let out a squeal. Sometimes she seems more animated and enthusiastic in her responses. I think she is starting to recognize us more and more.

2010-04-08 - Back of the Mobile
2010-04-08 - Back of the Mobile

On yesterday’s post we mentioned the mobile that little Katie likes so much. If there was one thing we would change is the time that the mobile will run. The picture on the right shows the winder that you turn to active the mobile. It’s maximum is about 90 seconds. We wish it would run longer…at least as long as it takes for little Katie to fall asleep.

My wife and I went out to a pizza place this evening with little Katie. She was fine til we went inside…then she started to fuss. I’m not sure if it was all the commotion or what. There were a lot of kids screaming and yelling…perhaps that is what spooked her. At any rate I took her outside and sat her down on one of the tables so she could watch the traffic and she calmed down. A red car sped by and little Katie seemed to like that color…she followed it with her eyes.

Once we brought little Katie home this evening she calmed right down. Maybe there is too much stimulation for her in the outside world at times and she just wants to be home with her toys and familiar surroundings.


1) Little Katie likes to be home with her toys and familiar surroundings.