Day #103 (Fri., Apr. 16, 2010) – The Playyard Fence

Little Katie was up 3 times during the night and went to bed way past 8pm. So much for our 8pm desired bedtime. Hopefully one day…but not today.

2010-04-16 - Fenced Playyard
2010-04-16 - Fenced Playyard

I’m sitting her on the lazy boy and little Katie is on my lap. I just happened to start to open and close the door to the fenced playyard (shown by the red arrow in the photo to the right). Little Katie is fascinated by this process. It’s hard to imagine what she finds “fun” in. She likes ceiling fans, adjustable lamps, and now…fences to playyards. To think of all the time and money that goes into entertaining a child and buying gifts. They will determine what they are interested in.

8:00pm and I just got back from taking little Katie out for a drive. She was fussy but seems a bit more calm now. Hopefully a quick feed and off to bed for our little princess…


1) Little Katie loves the opening and closing of fences…