Day #110 (Fri., Apr. 23, 2010) – Baby Piano

I’ve been getting behind posting photos on these entries. I will catch up on the weekend.

I ordered an electronic picture frame today. It allows you to put multiple pictures on an electronic photo frame and it will transition through them. What a great addition to my office desk and when I’m feeling blue I can look up and see little Katie.

2010-04-23 - Baby Piano
2010-04-23 - Baby Piano

As I was coming back from getting a coffee at work a chipmunk ran past me on the sidewalk. One of little Katie’s relatives saying hello perhaps?

I’m feeling a bit of a cold coming on. I’m going to try to stay away from little Katie so that she doesn’t catch it…and babysit her at the same time. Not exactly sure how to do that…

My wife showed me the little baby piano that she picked up at a sale for $3 (photo to the left). Quite the contraption with all the Winnie the Pooh characters on it. I notice that little Katie really likes it when I play the guitar for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes a musician one day.


1) I will soon have tons of pictures of little Katie on my desk at work via an electronic photo frame.
2) Little Katie loves her music…