Day #116 (Thu., Apr. 29, 2010) – “20 Chipmunk”

Another day, another dollar (to purchase diapers and such…) I know someone who keeps harping about how her son will cost her $1 million by the time he goes to College. As far as little Katie goes…she is worth it!

2010-04-29 - Clothes For Little Katie
2010-04-29 - Clothes For Little Katie

I’ve been mentioning little Katie at work from time to time, but none of the ladies there seem to be very interested. What’s up with that? Usually when I mention babies and children to women they want to know everything about it.

The photo on the left shows some of the new clothes for little Katie that we got from my mother yesterday. Wonder how long they will last? In terms of material they last forever…in terms of size, not so much…

I found a new game to play with little Katie. I’m calling it “20 Chipmunk” for lack of a better word. I raise her up into the air way over my head, and then lower her down to shoulder level. I bend my biceps up and down, much like doing a curl with little Katie. As I pull up her face is right in front of me. I count as I do this… “1 Chipmunk”, “2 Chipmunk”, “3 Chipmunk”, etc… She smiles and hoots and really enjoys it.


1) Little Katie loves “20 Chipmunk”.