Day #117 (Fri., Apr. 30, 2010) – Oil Spill Off New Orleans

Last day of April. I’m going to try to leave work a bit early today. My wife has to work on her thesis and I hope to be home early to take little Katie off her hands for a while.

2010-04-30 - More Toys
2010-04-30 - More Toys

My wife emailed me at work. She’s got a bit of an extension on her paper so it’s not going to be such a mad rush for the next couple of days. Good…we both need a bit of a rest.

The oil spill off the coast of New Orleans is all over the news these days. An environmental disaster is on our hands! Now that I have a child these sort of news events have a deeper meaning. What sort of a world are we going to be leaving the next generation?

When I got home from work my wife was on Skype with a friend. I took little Katie from her and we played “20 Chipmunk” for a while.

The photo to the right shows some of the toys that my mom sent for little Katie. My wife likes to take little Katie to say good night to each of the plush animals and dolls before putting her to bed at night.

My wife tells me that we need to go shopping this weekend to get more clothes for little Katie. She is growing like a weed and has outgrown most of her clothes. Once we get her some more clothes my wife won’t need to do laundry every day…which will free up some of her precious time.


1) Little Katie is growing like a weed.