Day #119 (Sun., May 2, 2010) – An Egret Encounter

So much for sleeping in on Sunday mornings. Our child is up…which means the house is up.

2010-05-02 - Egret Encounter
2010-05-02 - Egret Encounter

9:51am – I just got back from taking little Katie on a stroll around the lake. It’s going to be a scorcher today so we wanted to get that out of the way early. I saw a lovely egret looking for a morning meal. Took some photos (such as the one on the left) and some videos as well.

My wife and I went out to lunch today at the local Mexican Restaurant. Little Katie was good for the most part. I showed my wife a game that little Katie likes. You take the paper covering off a straw and gradually bring it closer to little Katie’s nose. You then tickle her nose with it and withdraw it quickly. She smiles and giggles when you do this.

For some reason little Katie screams and cries when you put her in the jumperoo. We were talking about how we plan to put the bouncy seat away, but little Katie is sitting in it and playing with her plush octopus as I write this (5:47pm).

I got the electronic photo album yesterday, so I spent today setting it up and importing photos.


1) Little Katie loves to be tickled with the covering off a straw.