Day #7 (Sun., Jan. 10, 2010) – “Everything Old Is New Again”

1:00am – Little Katie is a bundle of energy and doing her best to see how long we can go without sleep. I got a hot cup of milk and some crackers for my wife and she is going to try to catch “40 Winks”. Little Katie is resting in her crib now. Let’s see how long this lasts…

8:00am and Katie is up. I had to change her, and it started off as a #2, but then a #1 all over the place. Had to change her clothes and the blanket on the changing table. Eventually I was able to transfer over to her mother for some more raw materials for future #1 & #2.

2010-01-10 - Changing Station
2010-01-10 - Our Changing Station

9:05am – I just burped little Katie and put her on the bed. A few moments later some milk came out of her mouth. Hmmm…guess I didn’t really burp her enough? That’s my guess…

10:00am – I made pancakes and cappuccino for my wife and I. They are filling, but tend to make one tired after eating them.

11:00am – We called my mother up and did a Skype session. This was the first time she was able to see her granddaughter live, albeit via the aid of modern technology. Katie was more interested in eating than saying hello today, but I’m sure that will change as she grows older. The wonders of technology! My mother can visit with her granddaughter practically for free even though she is thousands of miles away. Skype Rocks!

12:15pm – I just finished cutting up potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and stew meat and put them into the crock pot. I guess we know what we will be having for supper tonight. For my wife and I at least. Little Katie will be having the “Daily Special – Same ole’ Same ole'”.

2:45pm – The stew in the crock pot won’t be ready til about 5-6pm, so I made my wife a couple of homemade burritos. The little burrito we made a week from tonight is rustling and yelling. Time for a #2 change (with a #1 soon to follow). Off to mommy for a refill…

3:50pm – My wife just told me that she has been trying to nap since this morning… Welcome to parenthood I guess…

4:06pm – My wife has a black and white nursing cover attached to the window over the changing station. Apparently newborns love the colors black, white, and red. This will be something for little Katie to focus on while she is being changed.

4:15pm – Hard to believe that we were in the hospital one week ago today. Little Katie was about to be our first child a in a few hours…

4:30pm – Katie is with her mommy for another meal. It seems that Katie will start to eat, then drift off to “dreamland”. When I take her to her crib, sometimes she wakes up, and sometimes she does not. This time we are going to try the technique that we used successfully last night. We are going to let her stay with her mother for a while even though she has stopped eating. After a “yet undetermined” time span, I will pick her up and take her to her crib. No burping, no diaper changing, and as gently as possible. If she is tired and does not wake up, we will be able to get a few more moments of “shut eye”.

5:00pm – I made some homemade brownies. They will be a nice little snack after our stew this evening.

5:30pm – Little Katie is up again. I tried to put the pacifier in her mouth, but she has so much movement in her little hands that she keeps knocking it out. I think her hands are catching on the holder ring of the pacifier, so I cut it off. Next time perhaps the pacifier will stay in place longer, and she will sleep a bit longer as a result.

7:15pm – Little Katie is sleeping in bed between her mother and me. She looks so content…it’s just when you pick her up and take her back to her crib that she wakes up. I’m thinking of a great little invention. How about a flat bed that she sleeps on when she is nursing, and when she is asleep, you just click on a button, and the sides of the flat bed come up. In this way she can nurse and stay with her mother, and yet you have the added security of sides that come up once the nursing is done. In this way you can have her remain in bed with you and not worry about accidentally hurting her as you move about.

8:15pm – Little Katie is resting here on the bed between my wife and I. The football game just ended. No more football today…do I see a little frown of sadness on Katie’s face?

8:30pm – My wife just gave little Katie her first dose of Vitamin D Drops. From the look on her face she didn’t mind the taste…too much…

1) “Everything Old Is New Again”. It seems that there are a lot of rituals in being a parent (i.e.: diaper changes, meal time, etc.), with highlights of adventure (i.e.: baby’s first smile)…
2) The more waterproof material on a Diaper Changing Station the better.
3) Breast-fed babies need Vitamin D drops.