Day #188 (Sat., July 10, 2010) – Belted Cows and Goats

My wife, mother-in-law and I went to Chapel Hill this afternoon with little Katie in tow. We were planning to leave a bit later after she had a bit of a nap…but little Katie would have nothing of it. She was up and running…

2010-07-10 - Belted Goats
2010-07-10 - Belted Goats

We had lunch at an Indian Restaurant and little Katie behaved herself while we munched away. She was fascinated with the salt and pepper shakers, so I had to ensure that they were out of arms reach lest they end up in “Chipmunk Mouth”.

We then drove to Ferrington Village where we saw some belted cows and goats (see photo to the right). We took little Katie into a gift shop and the ladies there raved about her and how beautiful she was. Little Katie enjoyed my rendition of a puppet show with a stuffed cat toy.

Little Katie loved the belted goats (we think)…she just starred them down. She will often go quiet and stare something down when first introduced to it.

My wife had wished that she brought some avocado for little Katie today, but she sure took to it when we got home. People think it is strange that she likes organic avocado and not organic sweet potato…but it is as it is.

1) Little Katie loved my puppet show.