Day #191 (Tue., July 13, 2010) – Hit In The Mouth

Little Katie was up and about when I left for work today. I did get away a little later than I have usually been leaving…around 8am…

2010-07-13 - Activity Station Bug
2010-07-13 - Activity Station Bug

When I got home from work my wife told me that there was a little accident today. When little Katie was feeding she was so anxious to get nourishment that she lunged her head at my wife and hit my wife in the mouth. The bang was so great that it brought blood inside my wife’s mouth.

Little Katie was back into “starring mode” this evening. Sometimes she is more energetic and outgoing (usually after she has had a #2), but tonight she was in a more meditative condition. I even played the guitar for her, but she didn’t “paw” at the strings or kick back and forth like she usually does.

The photo to the right shows one area of the Activity Station that little Katie particularly likes. The red arrow points to a little bug that is offset a bit on a circular wheel. When you push the frog on the left back and forth along the slot, the little bug will whirl around on that circular wheel. Little Katie is quite fascinated with hit, although she is too young to actually push the frog back and forth…just yet.

My wife tells me the next thing on the agenda will be sitting. She is already looking pretty good in this area (with a tad of assistance). My wife’s cousin has a son that started sitting at 7 months…and that is right around the corner.


1) Little Katie tried to KO (knock out) my wife today… πŸ™‚