Day #193 (Thu., July 15, 2010) – 20 Jars Of Baby Food

Little Katie was out for a stroll with my mother-in-law when I woke up this morning. I drove by the lake on the way to work, but no sign of them. Sometimes I can see my mother-in-law on the park bench while little Katie has a nap in her stroller.

Katie is already having a teaspoon or two of sweet potatoes and avocado every day now. Today was her first try of sweet potato mixed with a carrot. A while ago my wife bought some 4 oz jars suitable for freezing. Today she cooked one potato with two carrots, mashed them and made 20 jars of “baby food” for future use. It is so much better and cheaper than buying baby food…

2010-07-15 - Wooden Panda
2010-07-15 - Wooden Panda

Little Katie sat in her high chair next to us at dinner this evening. Daddy fed her some avocado “mush” and she ate about 4 bites. At one point she sneezed and out came…ok, let’s say she ate about 3 bites.

Little Katie really likes the wooden panda toy (see photo to the left) that covers its eyes with its hands. Perhaps it’s due to the fact it is painted wood and therefore has a different texture and feel in comparison to her normal plastic toys. Perhaps it is due tot he fact that its eyes are big and bright. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a chipmunk.

Little Katie was playing in the playyard this evening and I was turning on various toys and devices. Was she amused? Not really. She kept looking and sucking and playing with the carrot on her baby toy piano. She sure seems to be a very focused little child. When she has something on her mind it’s hard to distract her to something else.

1) Little Katie has 20 jars of baby food in the freezer now.