Day #197 (Mon., July 19, 2010) – One Fussy Chipmunk

Little Katie ate a few teaspoons of oatmeal today…without disgust (which is the key)… She also ate almost a whole jar of sweet potato “mush” as well…

2010-07-19 - Round and Round
2010-07-19 - Round and Round

Let’s talk a bit about another toy that little Katie has in her arsenal. I call it the “Round and Round” but I’m sure it has a more official name. You can see a photo of it to the left. The red arrow shows various little plastic “knobs”. When you put them on the plates shown by the blue arrow, then click on the “go” button, they will whirl and whirl around while the music plays. Lots of movement, noise, and excitement for little chipmunk ears…

My wife told me that little Katie has taught herself how to navigate 360 degrees around the “Around We Go” Activity Station in quick order. I guess she was actually running around it and having a ball. Won’t be long before she has outgrown this little toy as well.

She has also learned how to twist around very quickly when she is on her stomach. This skill comes in handy if she sees a toy that she wants.

Little Katie was sitting on a pillow on my mother-in-law’s bed. There was a box in front of her and she just leaned forward and “got it”. Her back muscles are getting stronger and she is going to be sitting up straight on her own before you know it.

My wife told me that they have been fighting with little Katie all day. She has been fussy and crying and acting up. When I got home my wife was giving her a bath in an attempt to calm her down. Let’s see if that works

9:00pm and we are trying to put little Katie to sleep but she will not have anything to do with it. Life is so interesting and exciting…why waste your time sleeping. Let’s hope that as soon as she has some milk she will calm down. Even if you are not tired chipmunk..remember that your parents are!


1) Little Katie has learned how to run around the activity station.