Day #199 (Wed., July 21, 2010) – The Science Store

My wife took little Katie to a toy store that sells scientific and creative toys where they have a pet iguana. She was in her reflective “starring” mood…

My wife sent me an email when they got back home:

Katie is on a really strange schedule today. During the walk she slept only for 20 minutes and even after getting home she wouldn’t sleep! On the way back home from the store she slept for another 10 minutes and that was it.

Finally she fell asleep at 2 pm. At 3 pm she woke up crying with tears. 🙁 We are not sure what’s the deal. She might be just tired from the lack of sleep, teething, or constipation. She hasn’t had a #2 for 2 days, today is the third one… I wonder – could you get some organic prunes from the grocery store on your way home? Organic plums might do too. Organic baby plum juice would be perfect, but I am not sure they have it. I read that it is not uncommon for babies to go without a #2 for days (and that’s not even called constipation), but little Katie can’t really tell us how she feels…

OK, I have to run back to her – she is crying even though she was happy in the bath tub just a minute ago…

Then another email later in the day:

2010-07-21 - Squeaking Monkey
2010-07-21 - Squeaking Monkey

I just made papaya puree (I read that it’s very good for digestion). Little Katie LOVED it!!! So far it’s the winner – she enjoyed it even better than sweet potato mush. 🙂 I made 12 more jars for freezing. It’s about 20 cents per jar. 😉

After a 2 hour nap little Katie was finally “one happy chipmunk”. She was chatting and playing. She had 4 teaspoons of oatmeal and seemed to love it.

While I was having dinner this evening little Katie was having some oatmeal “mush”.

The photo to the left shows another one of little Katie’s little toys. It’s a plastic monkey that has legs that creak when you move them. The neat feature of this little toy is that when you move the monkey’s head back and forth it will squeak “ooo ooo ahhh ahhh” (or something like that). Little Katie will smile and grab her bib and stuff it into her mouth when she hears it. I assume this means she really likes it…


1) Little Katie visited the science store for the first time today.