Day #200 (Thu., July 22, 2010) – Two Portions of Buckwheat

Here it is… Day #200 of little Katie’s life. Seems just like yesterday when I started this blog. Where does the time go?

My wife had to go to a business meeting this afternoon so my mother-in-law came as well to look after little Katie. Little Katie slept in the car and woke up in the building. She was in her “starring mode”…starring everyone in the building down. NO single smile.

2010-07-22 - Choo Choo
2010-07-22 - Choo Choo

While my wife was in the meeting little Katie had a jar of papaya. It’s getting easier and easier to leave her for longer periods of time as she is eating solids now.

On the way home little Katie slept in the car. She was so rested that when they got home she was having nothing to do with a nap. You would check on her in the nursery, find her on her tummy, and as soon as she saw you she would roll back onto her back and laugh. Eventually little Katie got her way and was in the living room playing away.

Take a look at the photo to the right. This is yet another of little Katie’s “noise producing” toys. You can put some toy animals in the back of this little train, and when you click on the “green button” it will say “All aboard” and play some musical theme.

This evening my wife prepared some buckwheat cereal for little Katie. She loved it. As soon as you put the spoon near her mouth it was wide open… My wife had to make another portion.

1) Little Katie had a jar of papaya today.