Day #204 (Mon., July 26, 2010) – Enter the “Sippy Cup”

1:00am and I’m up posting pictures on this blog. Stirring in the nursery, so I went to change little Katie’s diaper.

2010-07-26 - Teeth Chart

It’s funny when you pick her up at night. She can see the light in the hallway and tries to peek over your shoulder to see all the “excitement” out in the living room, but is so tired she can’t hold her head up for long. It flops onto your shoulder until she can muster the strength to lift it up again.

Little Katie had her first combo meal today…a bit of sweet peas mixed with sweet potato. She ate just 1/2 of her regular dose.

Little Katie is getting her second tooth!!! My wife felt it today and it will be rearing it’s head soon… My wife showed me a baby tooth chart (see photo to the left). This gives us some idea of what to expect in the months to come.

She also tried drinking some water from a “sippy cup”…and pretty successfully.

What a messy little girl..she needed a good long bath today as well.

1) Little Katie had her first try of a “sippy cup” today.