Day #212 (Tue., Aug 3, 2010) – Our Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight

My wife sent me the following email while I was at work:

Your daughter slept 9 hours last night, stayed up for 1.5 hours, slept for 1.5 hours, stayed up for another 4 hours… Finally she fell asleep at 2 pm. The plumber is here fixing the water heater…I hope that he won’t wake her. She should be sleeping for quite a few hours now…

2010-08-03 - Animal Zoo
2010-08-03 - Animal Zoo

When I got home from work this evening there was this loud growling and snarling sound coming from the bedroom. Little Katie is up. It’s a play on words of the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight“, but our lion does not sleep tonight… Here’s an interesting little cartoon version that I came across.

With all this talk about lions and growling, this seems like a good time to mention another of little Katie’s toys. The photo to the left shows an animal zoo activity center with all kinds of interesting features. For one, take a look at the yellow spot indicated by the red arrow. If you put an animal on this location music will start to play. This toy also has a number of little plastic animals that little Katie loves to put into her mouth. For example, take a look at the elephant denoted by the blue arrow. Other animals such as a lion and zebra are currently spread all over the playyard (little Katie has not yet learned to pick up her toys).

1) Little Katie sure is getting loud and talkative.