Day #213 (Wed., Aug 4, 2010) – Hand Eye Coordination

Little Katie loves to drink from the “sippy cup”. This makes it much easier if my wife has to go on an errand and leave me with her. Long gone are the days of warming up frozen milk in the warmer and trying to get little Katie to drink it from a bottle.

2010-08-04 - Brunette Doll
2010-08-04 - Brunette Doll

My wife told me that little Katie was running after a doll today…round and round and round in the Activity Station. You can see a photo of the doll to the right.

It’s interesting what babies know and at what age. This evening I put a little plastic doll in the middle of the Activity Station. It fell off to one side of the Activity Station. Little Katie was on the other side, but rather than bother to reach for it (she knew it was outside of her range), she promptly moved to the other side of the Activity Station to grab it.

Little Katie loves to play with the buttons on my dress shirt when I come home from work. Sometimes she even puts the collar in her mouth.

7:54pm – Little Katie is eating buckwheat now. She just loves it. My wife just made another portion. She doesn’t like her “mush” cold, or too watery.

1) Little Katie is getting better hand and eye coordination by the day.