Day #219 (Tue., Aug 10, 2010) – Almost Sitting Up…

7:15am – Is she up or not? That is the question that we seem to be always asking ourselves. She gets into “Chipmunking mode” and squeaks and chirps…but can sometimes still be fast sleep. Last night I even heard her thump her legs on the bed. Was she up? Nope… Fast asleep…

2010-08-10 - Mermaid Book
2010-08-10 - Mermaid Book

As we were having dinner tonight little Katie was sitting on my wife’s lap. Her back muscles are getting stronger and stronger and she was almost able to sit up by herself.

Little Katie likes books, we all know that. She also likes baths, what girl doesn’t. What is the best way to combine the two? Of course, a book that you can read while taking a bath. The photo to the left shows one such book. It’s the little Mermaid Book from Disney. It is made of vinyl so a splash of water here or there will not hurt it in the least.

I put little Katie in the Jumperoo this evening and she started to play with the two plush animals that hover overhead. This is the first time that I saw her show an interest in those.

1) Little Katie is almost sitting up by herself now.