Day #220 (Wed., Aug 11, 2010) – Little Yellow Plastic Triangle Thing

As I drove off to work today I saw my mother-in-law taking little Katie out for a stroll near our nearby lake.

2010-08-11 - Little Yellow Cheese
2010-08-11 - Little Yellow Cheese

I was feeding little Katie some buckwheat “mush” this evening. It’s funny how tightly they can purse their lips when they are full. When they are hungry their mouths go wide open…almost as quickly as you get the spoon there. When they are full they clam up tightly…

Same old games this evening. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but little Katie really likes this little yellow plastic triangle thing. I call it the “Orange Cheese” (see photo to the right) as this is what it mostly reminds me of. It has little textures on it and little Katie will try to scrape them off with her finger. Of course, as usual, it ends up in her mouth.

My wife and I have both noticed that little Katie seems to like the color yellow and orange. Perhaps it is the brightness? We’ll see if this becomes her favorite color when she gets older and can articulate things to us…

1) Little Katie loves this little yellow plastic triangle thing (i.e.: Orange Cheese).