Day #221 (Thu., Aug 12, 2010) – Little Katie’s Knitted Jacket

4:01am – Little Katie is up. I just changed her and gave her to her mother for an early breakfast. After you change her, if she is hungry, she will try to look over your shoulder to see if my wife is in the rocking chair. This is where she normally feeds and with mouth wide open she has that “Is breakfast ready?” look in her eyes.

2010-08-12 - Knitted Gift
2010-08-12 - Knitted Gift

My wife had to drop her car off at the mechanic this evening to get it inspected, so I picked her up on the way home from work. We then drove to Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries. We were commenting on how much it reminded us of the times before little Katie was born.

The photo to the left shows a pretty little jacket that my mother-in-law has knitted for little Katie. While they were out on their stroll little Katie would get tired and my mother would take her to a nearby park bench to sleep. While there, my mother-in-law knitted the jacket. We have a little finger puppet that is made of what looks like the same material.

Remember the little inch worm toy? Well, I hadn’t seen it in a while and asked me wife where it had gone. She went down to the nursery to get it. Looks like little Katie hadn’t seen it in a long while either. And how does little Katie greet an old friend? By stuffing them into her mouth of course…

1) Little Katie has a new knitted jacket.