Day #226 (Tue., Aug 17, 2010) – Read, Not Eat, A Book

While I was at work I got a couple of emails from my wife regarding little Katie’s day. They were:

I put Katie to bed soon after the noon. She was pretty quiet and it seemed that she will fall asleep any minute now. At 12:30 mom went to check on her after becoming suspicious of some sounds. Apparently there were her pajamas hanging on the crib. Katie thought that she had to take care of them, so she dragged them into the crib and was busy playing with them… As soon as they got taken away, the busy chipmunk fell asleep…

And later in the day:

2010-08-17 - Organized Playyard
2010-08-17 - Organized Playyard

I took her piano out – she had so much fun with it… I think as long as I will keep new toys coming, she will be entertained. Also she is very good in playing with those turning circles (that big orange thing) – she knows how to start the toy! Oh, and she was reading (not eating!!) the book today!!! For quite a while and seemed very involved… She was turning the pages and talking ( providing baby comments ) a lot…

The photo to the right shows what the playyard looks like when it is organized. Did little Katie pick up after herself? Well, not really. My mother-in-law put everything in it’s place. Little Katie is better at “prep work”, which effectively means putting the toys all over the place so that someone else can clean them up…

1) Little Katie is starting to read (rather than eat) books more.