Day #228 (Thu., Aug 19, 2010) – Two Of My Favorite Things

On the way to work this morning I saw my mother-in-law and little Katie on the park bench near the lake.

2010-08-19 - Two Of My Favorite Things
2010-08-19 - Two Of My Favorite Things

Little Katie likes to come visit daddy when he is working in the bedroom. She knows that if she is good he will let her play with the remote control. She loves the way that the red light comes on when she clicks certain buttons. Daddy has learned that it’s best to shut the TV off before little Katie does her thing. Otherwise, who knows what you will end up watching…

The photo to the right shows “Two of Little Katie’s Favorite Things” (she loves to munch on the tails of plush animals). The tails of the sheep and the doggie are special favorites. If you look closely you will see that the tail of the dog is a darker blue than the rest of the animal. That is because it was already drenched in saliva by the time this photo was taken…

When we put little Katie to sleep these days we need to go in and check on her. Who knows that position she will be in. Tonight my wife told me that she found her sleeping with her legs straight up in the air. How could anyone sleep in that position?

1) Little Katie loves the remote control.