Day #234 (Wed., Aug 25, 2010) – The Town Brochure

I was playing with little Katie this evening and happened to give her our local town’s color brochure. she proceeded to rip the pages and stuff it in her mouth. At least someone in the community is finding it useful…

2010-08-25 - Baby Tooth
2010-08-25 - Baby Tooth

Little Katie’s two front teeth are really growing. I tried to take a picture of them this evening but little Katie would not cooperate. The photo to the left shows the best picture out of numerous attempts. As you can see, the tooth has clearly passed the gums. I’ll have to get her laughing and sneak a picture when her mouth is wide open.

By the way, she was munching on a facecloth that my wife soaked in water and put in the refrigerator. The moist coolness seems to calm little Katie down.


1) Little Katie sure loves the town brochure…to eat that is.