Day #238 (Sun., Aug 29, 2010) – Almost Standing Up

My wife and I took little Katie for a stroll today. This is the first time we have taken her for a stroll in a long time. We are already getting into the mode of doing more stuff for ourselves now that my wife’s mother is no longer here.

2010-08-29 - Lower The Crib
2010-08-29 - Lower The Crib
I had to lower the crib today (see photo to the left) as little Katie is soon going to be so big that she will be able to crawl over the side and fall out.

My wife sent me the following email this afternoon:

Our chipmunk grew in a matter of days… When I put her to bed for the nap, she would not sleep. Usually she had no problems falling asleep. So a bright idea came – maybe she is hungry? She never used to have solids before her first nap, but times may have changed. So – I tried the usual sweet potato-rutabaga-broccoli mix. Katie ate it in 5 minutes as she would eat pureed fruits which she loves. For a while feeding her veggies was a challenge. Not today! I took another portion of sweet potatoes, added a little bit of rice cereal – Katie finished that portion too. After I put her to bed this time, there was no fuss. 🙂

The lesson: it seems that from now milk is becoming just a drink and Katie needs “real” food to be full. 🙂
We all went to a Mexican restaurant this afternoon. There was a family behind us and that little girl proceeded to become the center of attention. She would sit on the table and scream and even started to lick the top of the salt shaker. I was thinking, I’m sure glad that is not little Katie…

Little Katie finished her first box of oatmeal today.

I was playing with little Katie this evening and she was almost standing up by herself. Her feet were flat and she was supporting her own weight. She just needed a bit of balancing from my hands.

1) Little Katie was almost standing up by herself today.