Day #240 (Tue., Aug 31, 2010) – Trip To The Lawyer

My wife and I had an appointment with the lawyer this afternoon so I had to leave work at 3:45pm. I drove by the house to pick up my wife and child and we then drove to see the lawyer. My wife sat in the back of the car so she could feed little Katie. If you don’t have the time packaged foods can sure come in handy when you are on a trip, but my wife made today’s selection of “mush”…

2010-08-31 - Banging Blocks Together
2010-08-31 - Banging Blocks Together

On the drive home little Katie fell asleep. Rather than get home and wake her up removing the car seat we decided to go to the grocery store. As my wife shopped I drove little Katie around in the car. By the time the shopping was done, little Katie was up. All-in-all she had about a 45 minute sleep.

My wife told me that little Katie has figured that she can make noise by clanging two plastic toys together (see photo to the right). She has always liked toys that emit sounds, such as the speaking baby doll or giraffe or toy cell phone, but she is starting to learn more and more the pleasure of generating various sounds and noises by herself. I am sure that she likes the reaction she gets from mom and dad as well. The two toys that she has in her hands in this photo are from this toy.


1) Little Katie has learned to make noises by clanging two objects together.