Day #241 (Wed., Sept. 1, 2010) – Katie vs. The Roofers

The roofers are back. It’s 9am and they are already up there pounding and walking. Little Katie is playing in the activity station in front of me. Whenever she hears them she looks all around trying to figure out what’s going on.

2010-09-01 - Caged Baby
2010-09-01 - Caged Baby

Hurricane Earl is barreling down on us. Hopefully I won’t see my new roof in the neighbor’s yard in a few days.

The playyard has been a real blessing. We can put little Katie in there most of the time and she will just “attempt to crawl” around and play with all the various toys (see photo to the right). They have become her friends and she greets each of them (and puts them in her mouth).

Little Katie really likes it when I tickle her in her ribs. You can see that little grin come over her face. I’m not sure if this is something that is “hard-wired” into a human being or not.

1) Little Katie is reacting to being tickled now.