Day #242 (Thu., Sept. 2, 2010) – Trip To The Dentist

My wife went to the dentist and took little Katie along. She was the perfect little angel, looking at everything and giving nobody no problems. The dentist even commented on how nobody would know that she was there if they didn’t see her.

2010-09-02 - Froggie's Head
2010-09-02 - Froggie's Head

Little Katie is quite accustomed to the “Mozart Music Cube” now. She can turn it on and turn it off whenever she wants.

Little Katie was able to push down the “froggie’s head” (see photo to the left) on the Activity Station this evening. This causes the little bowl of balls below the head to spin around this little maze. She is gradually getting more and more acquainted to everything this station has to offer. Be for you know it she will have outgrown it completely.

Little Katie loves to watch the television. I wonder how much this is due to the fact that we don’t like her to watch the television? She will peer out of her playyard and watch “whatever happens to be on”. Many times I will shut it off once I see that she is trying to watch it. I guess that the various little kiddie videos are just around the corner…but let’s try to delay this particular stage of growing up for as long as we can…

1) Little Katie enjoyed her first trip to the dentist.