Day #246 (Mon., Sept. 6, 2010) – Clean Playyard

I cleaned up the playyard last night so little Katie had a free slate to mess up this morning…

My wife sent me the following email today:


We are doing fine. Katie enjoys her play-yard – from time to time she gets tired of it, then I read her a book or give a new toy and she is happy again. I gave her a few pears – at first she didn’t like them without a banana, but I added a little bit of rice cereal and she finished the whole bowl!

2010-09-06 - Chicken
2010-09-06 - Chicken

The good news – I cleaned the kitchen, had a nap together with Katie. The bad news – I haven’t started working yet… Will try now. In an hour Katie should be going to bed…

From Trader Joes we need milk, bananas, apples, berries. Oops – Katie is fussing, maybe you’ll think of something yourself – have to go…


Tomorrow will be three days after my wife gave little Katie some chicken (frozen version in the photo to the left), so she will get her first portion of yogurt. You need to wait three days after you introduce a new food to see if the baby will have an allergic reaction to it.

I was watching the news this evening and little Katie was peering out through the playyard…mesmerized. She loves to watch television, but we try to keep her from watching it when possible.

1) Little Katie likes to have a clean playyard to get up to.