Day #249 (Thu., Sept. 9, 2010) – Lift Your Tummy

My wife sent me some photos of little Katie this morning. She looks like a toddler…not a baby. My little girl is growing up.

2010-09-09 - Baby Curls
2010-09-09 - Baby Curls

My wife told me that she thinks little Katie is starting to lift her tummy off the ground a bit as she moves around in the playyard. Once that happens, watch out. She can already move quite quickly around the playyard when she wants something. Once this little bit of friction is out of the way she will be all over the place.

Our little girl is growing up before our eyes. She is already getting a nice head of hair (see the photo to the right). You can already see the curls that are starting to form. My wife says that she can’t wait to braid her hair and stick little flowers and such in it. Me? I think that is a waste of time…a guy’s view of the world I suppose… You already know what I think about an easy way to dress a baby (i.e.: baby burrito wrap).

1) Little Katie is getting a nice head of curly hair.