Day #251 (Sat., Sept. 11, 2010) – Little Katie’s First 9/11

7:21am – Guess who is up…changed and ready to face the day? I let my wife sleep in a bit, so I played with little Katie in the Activity Station and with her toy piano.

She was very interested in the commercials playing on the television. My mother said that I used to be playing and as soon as a commercial would come on the television I would run down the hall to watch it. Once it went back to regular planning I was back down the hallway to play some more.

2010-09-11 - New Phone
2010-09-11 - New Phone

I took little Katie for a stroll this morning. This frees up my wife’s time and gives her a break as she usually takes her for a stroll during the weekdays.

My wife brought a toy phone (see photo to the right) from downstairs so little Katie spent quite a bit of time playing with that.

We left the gate to the playyard open and little Katie managed to crawl out onto the floor. We don’t want her to get into the habit of this. Like the saying goes “How are you going to keep her in the playyard after they have seen Paris” (or something like that).

8:54pm and our little girl is still up. We’ve been trying to put her to bed for hours, but she just won’t go. As soon as she is put in the crib she hears all the fun out in the living room and cries and moans til we go and get her. I think that she is overtired now. I might be taking her out in the car for a drive soon…that always seems to work in putting her asleep.

9:16pm – Little Katie is sitting on my lap and watching the U.S. Open Tennis. My wife is trying to feed her from the sippy cup and she is batting it away. She doesn’t want anything to obstruct her view of the match. Looks like our little girl likes tennis as well.

1) Little Katie loves tennis?