Day #256 (Thu., Sept. 16, 2010) – Little Katie Gets The Belt

Little Katie spent about an hour talking ( real live baby comments ) today when my wife took her out for a walk. Not sure what she was talking about, but she was sure enjoying the conversation.

2010-09-16 - Our Stash
2010-09-16 - Our Stash

My wife and I went to the child consignment sale at 4:00pm today. We picked up a bunch of toys and even a brown hoodie (check back in a few short weeks and we will tell you what that is for).

While my wife was shopping for clothes I checked out the various toys. You can see the stash I collected in the photo to the left. I see a little duck push toy, some electronic games, and a plush snake (that little Katie just loved). We even picked up a koala bear chair…now what childhood is complete without one of those…

The lady who checked us out said that little Katie was a beautiful baby.

I gave little Katie my belt to play with this evening. She was extremely interested in the holes that the belt buckle goes into. She keeps trying to crawl off the bed so I have to keep my eyes on her…

1) Little Katie got the belt today.