Day #258 (Sat., Sept. 18, 2010) – Katie’s Sign Of Friendship

6:30am – I’m up early with chipmunk. My wife was up feeding her in the middle of the night, so she’s in bed catching up on her sleep.

7:00am – Chipmunk and I went from the playyard to the activity station to the crib (that move was not very successful…or long) to the jumperoo. She’s tired but she will not sleep. In the playyard she couldn’t hold her little head up because she was so tired…so it fell onto the ground…which woke her up and up came her head again. Kind of a cartoonish moment…

2010-09-18 - Electronic Spelling Toy
2010-09-18 - Electronic Spelling Toy

I let little Katie play with the plush animals that my co-worker gave her and she LOVES them. They are well made and have very expressive faces. Won’t be long before she shows them the ultimate sign of friendship…a drag around the activity station, the “wake up, wake up” shake, and the “me loves ya…tag in the mouth” gesture.

I think of all the things we picked up at the consignment sale on Thursday I like the item in the photo to the left the best. It’s an electronic spelling game, and what a great little device it is. You can click on the various buttons and they will light up and a voice will tell you what letter you just pushed. In addition, it will help you to spell various words, and do a lot of other cool things as well. The buttons are easy to push so little Katie is already able to click on them and get a response. Great buy!

This afternoon we went out to eat at a local “Beatles Restaurant” and then drove around the neighborhood to see the sights. They have a corn maze nearby with a bit inflatable pumpkin and games. Won’t be long til little Katie will be begging us to take her there.

I “crashed” this evening. Sometimes you can get by on lack of sleep…but eventually you will need to catch up. This was one of those days. When I got up my wife had sent me the following email:


The most interesting thing happened while I was making a bath for her. I left Katie in the crib and when I came to pick her up, she was sitting!!!

She didn’t sleep after we came home… Finally she fell asleep at 9 pm, after having some yogurt… What a hungry chipmunk… It must be that 9-month growth spurt…


1) Little Katie sat up by herself this evening.