Day #265 (Sat., Sept. 25, 2010) – The Vegetable Stand

My wife went to a consignment sale down the street today. It’s my turn to take care of little Katie. She slept til about 8am, at which point I took her out of the crib and played with her. I was reading her a book about farm animals when she came back.

2010-09-25 - Little People Barn
2010-09-25 - Little People Barn

My wife picked up a lot of nice things at the sale. A “little people” barn (see photo to the right) with accessories, a toy guitar (one of the best for little babies I have seen).

Little Katie has been crying at the mere site of my acoustic guitar for a while now. Today I put it in the crib and she actually crawled towards it. I played it and she didn’t cry. Eventually she started to pluck the strings. Not sure what all that crying about the guitar has been about???

I took little Katie out for a stroll this morning. I gave her a leaf and I thought she would rip it to pieces. Instead I had to grab it from her as she put the stem in her mouth.

My wife and I went shopping this afternoon. I stayed in the car with little Katie for the most part while my wife visited various stores. I did take her out to go to the KidToKid consignment store. She was having a great time looking at all the toys and spent some time playing with a couple of girls in the play area.

On the way home from shopping we stopped off at a farmer’s vegetable stand. Little Katie enjoyed looking at the various produce, and the pumpkins (they are out now for Halloween). True to her nature she peeled the yellow price sticker off the pumpkin so I had to put it back on.

1) Little Katie plays with a couple of girls at the KidToKid Store.