Day #267 (Mon., Sept. 27, 2010) – Baby Seat Alignment

My wife took little Katie for a walk in the rain this morning. Was it ever raining…I had to drive to work in my wife’s car in this “stuff”…

2010-09-27 - Car Seat
2010-09-27 - Car Seat

I drove my wife’s car to work today. At noon I drove over to the hospital to have the guy make sure that it was installed properly. We took his class in “putting a baby seat in your car” last year before little Katie was born. He offers a free service to ensure that seats are installed properly…just show up at the hospital during his work hours. As it turns out, since my wife’s car is so small, the only place that you could put the seat is in the rear seat…passenger side (see photo to the right). The seat is facing towards the back as little Katie is still too small to be forward facing. If we go anywhere my wife will have to sit behind me when I drive.

This evening I showed little Katie the combination of playing the toy guitar and shaker (one of her plastic toys with beads in them). After showing her this combination I started to play the guitar and she picked up the shaker and started to shake it. Is she that quick at learning?

Little Katie helped mommy do laundry today…sort of. She likes to sit next to mommy on the bed and play with all the various pieces of clothing. She grabs a piece of clothing, raises it over her head, and drops it violently to the ground with a loud “umpha” sound. Eventually she became a “pack rat” with a piece of clothing here and a piece of clothing there.

1) Little Katie has a new car seat in my wife’s car.