Day #269 (Wed., Sept. 29, 2010) – The First Pair Of Shoes

Little Katie was up and running when I left for work today. Looks like she might be having another stroll in the rain?

2010-09-29 - New Shoes
2010-09-29 - New Shoes

I got an email from my wife while I was at work. Yes, little Katie did have a stroll in the rain. She got to wear her first pair of shoes (see photo to the left) for the first time!

At noon today I drove my car to Rex Hospital. I was hoping to have our second baby seat installed in my Camry. No such luck. The latch would not clip securely, so the guy said that I should give it back to our friends and get another one. He suggested two models:

1) Evenflo Triumph – about $150
2) Grayco Comfort Sport – about $85

He said that both are equally fine from a safety standpoint…one has more deluxe features than the other. I’ll discuss this with my wife this evening to see what option we should go for…

1) Little Katie wore her first pair of shoes today!