Day #278 (Fri., Oct. 8, 2010) – On And Off Toucan!

My wife put little Katie to bed this afternoon and can clearly hear the “Waterfall Soother” going on and off. What does this mean? Little Katie can finally reach the toucan! She has been attempting this for quite a while, and now she has succeeded. The lady we bought it from said that she had to sell it as her daughter would play with it instead of sleeping, so it was no use to her anymore. Guess we are soon going to have to say the same thing about little Katie.

2010-10-08 - Baby Toy Piano
2010-10-08 - Baby Toy Piano

Little Katie seems to be pulling all sorts of things into her playyard these days. We wonder how she is able to get ahold of these things? This evening I caught her playing with the cable on my laptop this evening. When I got home from work she was sucking on one of my bank statements… She seems to know how to get her hands on stuff if she really wants it.

The photo to the right shows another toy that little Katie likes to play with…yet another toy piano. There are only four keys, but the sound is pleasant and I sometimes play this at the same time I play the toy guitar. Little Katie enjoys all the musical sounds and will often bang two plastic toys together in unison.

I was telling my wife that if little Katie gets fussy we need to pretend to drop a toy (or other safe item) just outside the playyard. Let’s see if Little Katie will drag it into her lair and quiet down for a while. In this way she thinks she got something new…without realizing that we allowed her to have it….

1) Little Katie can finally reach the toucan!